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Why is Delhi NCR considered the Call Center outsourcing capital of the world?

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Why is Delhi NCR considered the Call Center outsourcing capital of the world?

Why is Delhi NCR considered the Call Center outsourcing capital of the world?

If call center and customer care services are not the core offerings of your company then there is no point in spending time, money and effort in setting up for this process. If you agree with this thought, then you would be on the lookout for a capable destination to outsource your call center needs.


The rates of outsourcing such services to European and American nations is so high, that business owners inevitably look for other cost effective destinations. This is one of the reasons why call center services in Delhi NCR have gained such widespread acceptance, worldwide. India in the recent times has shown positive growth trends in sectors such as Architecture, Advertising, Automotive, Technology, Transportation, Apparels and Accessories, Health Care, Publishing and Telecommunications among other industries. And the Delhi NCR has remained in the forefront of all the industrial growth.


Call center services in Delhi NCR has reaped in the benefits of industrial growth happening all around. All the prospering industries are dependent on the call center services in some capacity or the other, which has helped the call centers in this region come fully trained for the international processes. If you have a look at the worldwide call center outsourcing market, then Noida is ranked as the second most popular city to outsource call center services. So, now take a look at why hundreds of global businesses are relying on the services of Delhi NCR based call centers.


  • Superior Communication Skills: Delhi NCR is flooded with quality schools and higher education institutes. There are endless scopes for the students to improve on their communication skills and confidence levels. So, the call center professionals from this region have high fluency and command in spoken English and they have no lack of confidence either. This helps them take care of the complex customer care issues with ease.
  • Technological Advantage: Delhi NCR has emerged as one of the leading technology hubs of India. There are myriads of IT companies situated within the span of this region and all such companies possess the wealth of highly efficient professionals. So, while businesses may approach a company for call center services, they may also get many technological solutions for the process. Many global businesses opt for Delhi because they get cutting edge technological support as an add-on with the call center services.
  • Cost effective rates: The cost of living in India is much less than those existing in other countries. Thus, the wage for highly skilled employees is also less. What this means to the businesses is: they have to pay much less while the quality of their services is not compromised. It is the best of both ends. Offshore clients can hire experienced calling professionals, provide them with the latest equipment and yet not spend exorbitant sums.
  • No Shortage of Talents: India is the second most populous nation in the world and it has a lot of talent. Each year lakhs of talented youths are passing out from higher education institutions, ready to take on important roles in offshore business processes. So, there is a chance to pick and choose among the professionals working in your process.
  • Evolution is happening: One of the reasons India has emerged as a leading destination for outsourcing call center tasks is because the industry is always in the evolutionary mode. There are new services launched and new concepts incorporated in the services. Whether you need back office support, tele-sales or customer surveys, the call centers in Delhi NCR have the services you would like.
  • Friendly and Creative services: In India, kids grow up in a culture where they are taught to be polite and courteous to others. When a professional from India picks up the call from an angry caller in the US, the customer is bound to find the friendly tone and politeness heart-winning. The call center professionals in Delhi NCR also receive training in problem solving which lets them be creative and often innovate new ways to tackle difficult situations.

Many countries have tried to dethrone Delhi NCR as a great destination to outsource call center services, but they have failed. With high customer satisfaction ratings, Delhi NCR has continued to thrive!

Summary: There are many reasons that make Delhi NCR a great choice to outsource call center services. With its helpful services, eye for perfection and skilled workforce, the call centers here suit the business needs ideally.

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