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Technology & Data Security

The Outsourced Call Center That “Speaks Your Brand”

Technology adopted by Mayurcallcenter
  • CISCO powered global delivery call center having100% IP based network
  • Flexible architecture allows to concurrently operate campaigns in Predictive, Automated or Manual Modes.
  • Use of Cadence, Frequency and Voice Detection Algorithms for AMD & SIT Prediction techniques (Detection of Answering Machine , Fax Machine , Busy and Telco tones) enabling efficient outbound contact centre
  • Supports Agent-Wise Call Recording, Three Party Call Conference, Barge and Hot Transfer “Real-time” statistics and Call Activity reports.
  • Enhanced features facilitating sophisticated call processing features like Dial Next Number, 100% digital call recording, Park Call, Web Call Back, Call Transfer, Music or Message on hold etc.
  • Powerful online reports for efficiency and transparency: Outbound/Inbound Agent Wise, Type of Acquisition, Missed Call, Inbound IVR Button wise etc.
  • Database Integration and Open Database Connectivity to client CRM
  • Adequate infrastructure of Servers and Backup processes enabling periodic assessment and backup of client critical processes
Data Security Policies Adopted by Mayurcallcenter
We at Mayurcallcenter Implement following proven security measures to better protect client data and even the most sensitive information of a project could remain safe and secure.
  • Restrict unauthorized access to any system
  • Access to a system only through password
  • Network monitoring
  • CD drives and USB drives disabled on all systems
  • Handbags, mobile phones and electronic devices are not allowed on the floor.
  • Application of domain level security.
  • In order to prevent any unauthorized visitors in the office premises, each employee is allowed access through biometric attendance system.
  • Background check of all the new employees by taking the pain to call their previous employers and verifying their previous employment record.
  • Full proof documentation is done for each employee so that we could track if any of the employees had any criminal record or an issue with his credit in the past.
  • In order to protect the confidentiality of business information and other trade secrets, each employee needs to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of employment.
  • Electronic surveillance through CCTV cameras is provided round the clock to safeguard the security of the employees as well as of the Mayurcallcenter’s facilities.

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With a strength of more than 900 trained & highly qualified employees spread across centers in India.

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