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Product Information Request Services
Customer Satisfaction is priority for any company; hence a product information request service comes into picture. Streamline these services are a necessity, outsourcing the same to a call center service provider sounds like a good option.

Mayur Call Center is a leading name as call center service provider. They also specialize in product information request services. They can surely prove to be your best choice to outsource your product information request requirements.

Here are some of the Product Information Request Services that Mayur Call Center caters to:

  • They are expertise in various verticals. Hence can serve any company with any business profile.
  • They abide to your set of rules; work within the specified requirements for Product Information Request Services. Such as Warranty Services, Product Support, Features, Upgrades, Accessories, and any other services.
  • Provide a detailed guided catalogue and related information and we will provide voice to your company.
  • We are equipped to acquire effective customer response and solutions in the shortest span of time.
  • You will have all the control over our functionalities; monitor the team at your end and make amendments according to your requirement.
  • Out trained call center professionals are known to convert inquiry calls into sales order calls. This will help you generate new customers.

Benefits of Outsourcing Product Information Services to Mayur Call Center

  1. The most beneficial part of outsourcing to Mayur Call Center is cost effectiveness. We provide high quality services at low prices.
  2. We offer the best professional services to clients worldwide.
  3. We work towards optimizing the companies’ network and maximizing the profits.
  4. Our operators are well-trained in handling high volume of calls with care 24*7.
  5. The team is well-trained to handle any request and providing solutions using the latest technologies.
  6. Our operators will not only satisfy your existing customers but will also secure new customers.

Mayur Call Center can play a vital role in enhancing your product reach, customer base and sales.

  • They are well equipped for handling high volumes of phone traffic
  • They are capable of providing accurate and reliable information
  • They give assured with instant and effective customer response and solutions
  • With their special management skills, they provide can provide round the clock assistance.
  • Enjoy their cost effective services using all the possible advanced technologies.
  • The staff is well-trained for prompt assistance and response time.

To get the cost estimations and more details about our services, send us an email at: info@mayurcallcenter.in

With a strength of more than 900 trained & highly qualified employees spread across centers in India.

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