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Phone Answering Services

Do you know that you miss out qualified leads if you don’t have a dedicated phone answering process? This happens because a lot of prospects call you after business hours. Also, you lose a lot of business if you phone goes busy every time a prospect calls you. This is where the need of outsourcing the phone answering service arises. And we, at Mayur Call Center, are experts in this process.

When is phone answering needed? 

With the expansion of business, there will be surge in the calls of potential customers. These potential customers give a call to get details about products, such as specifications, warranty, shipping details and other company policies. A lot of individuals also make a purchase via phone.

Types of phone answering services

We offer phone answering in our Noida office through two mechanisms:

  1. IVR Services

It’s an automated response system through which customers can get the details of a product or a service. A lot of existing customers can also call IVR to know about upcoming offers or to rate the services.

  1. Live call answering

A lot of customers, who don’t prefer using long menus or talking to machines, choose live call answering handled by humans.

Why choose Mayur Call Center?

You can get following benefits when you choose our phone answering services:

Detailed query resolution

Our representatives provide detailed information on product or service that ensures customers don’t feel unsatisfied.

Appointment setting

The phone answering experts help the customers set appointment scheduling with the company’s representative.

24×7 service

Even if your customers contact you at odd hours, such as during midnight or early morning, you don’t have worry as we offer services round the clock. We also offer services on weekends to ensure that your customers stay delighted.

Contact us through mail to know how our services can support your venture: info@mayurcallcenter.in

With a strength of more than 900 trained & highly qualified employees spread across centers in India.

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