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Outbound Call Center

The Outsourced Call Center That “Speaks Your Brand”

An Outbound call center is a service where a representative from an organization or brand contacts a customer for awareness or promotional purposes. We, Mayur Call Center, deploy updated technology and proficient experts to help our clients reach the target customers efficiently.

It is an art to convince the customer to purchase the product offered by the brand. And the call center agents at Mayur, with their years of experience, have become the masters of this art.

Outbound Services offered by us

Outbound service constitutes a wide range of solutions that are aimed to boost the sales of our clients and improve the reputation of their brand. Here are major solutions covered by us:

  • Appointment scheduling – After convincing the customer to purchase the product, an appointment is fixed between by our executive between your sales person and the potential customer.
  • Information verifications services – This solution includes insurance verification, third party verification and employment verification. These services are executed by well-trained professionals that are able to gather information efficiently and maintain a comprehensive report.
  • Lead generation – Our lead generation experts encourage customers to purchase your product/service by indulging them in meaningful communication.
  • Customer satisfaction survey – You can use our telephonic, IVR or online survey solutions to get accurate feedback of our customers. This helps you improve the services as per their expectations.
  • Telemarketing services – This solution helps you expand your business through result-oriented telemarketing Services.

Before executing each project, we understand the objectives and expectations of the business to custom design the solutions.

Why choose our outbound solutions?

We possess a lot of features that differentiates us from other services providers in the industry:

Emphasis on quality – This is followed at multiple stages. From hiring the employees to communicating with the customer, every process is monitored for finest quality. We use call recordings, call monitoring, customer feedbacks and regular audits for these purposes.

Regular training – To make sure that the employees stay updated according to latest trends, we train them regularly. We use cumulative data related to customer feedback and reports to design our training modules.

Use of latest technology – The equipment at our call center ensures flawless communication is established with customers. The reports are also generated through effective call center metrics.

Maintaining brand image – Apart from encouraging the customer to purchase what your company sells, we make sure that each call helps in spreading awareness about your brand.

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With a strength of more than 900 trained & highly qualified employees spread across centers in India.

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