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Inbound Call Center Services Provider Company

The Outsourced Call Center That “Speaks Your Brand”

The inbound call center is a department where calls are received by the executives of a brand or an organization. The customers make a call either to make an order or to register a complaint. Sometimes, the motive of the call is just to receive the information of a service/product.

Whenever a customer calls a company, s/he does not prefer talking to a machine or someone with poor communication skills. This is where the inbound services of Mayur Call Center take the stage. Our inbound call center solutions have been used by retail stores, online shopping sites, insurance companies, healthcare companies, and several industries.

Inbound call center services offered by us

We offer a range of inbound call center solutions, which include:

  • Customer support: Our customer support experts make sure that whenever your customer makes a contact with the company, s/he is delighted with the quality of resolution.
  • Phone answering: We have a team of experts that answer every call in the most professional manner possible.
  • Inquiry handling: As a part of this service, accurate and precise information is delivered to the customers by our inquiry handling experts
  • Technical Help desk: Our help desk experts quickly and easily absorb technical knowledge related to a project. They are capable of explaining the technical information in such a manner that even a layman understands it completely.

Why choose our services?

We believe in evolving continuously by acquiring the latest technological and operational trends. Some reasons to select our services include:

Cross-selling/Up-selling – We focus on boosting the sales of our clients by informing the prospects or existing customers about the other existing products & services.

Strengthening the relationship with end customers – The emphasis is given on cementing the relationship with end customers of our clients through superlative support.

Focus on magnifying brand image – We believe in boosting the brand image of our clients by delighting their end customer each time they make contact with us.

Use of latest equipment – We understand the importance of using updated equipment when it comes to handling the customers. Therefore, only latest equipment is utilized for communication purposes.

Quality checks – Different levels of quality checks ensure that the quality does not fall below the set standards. In fact, these checks help us in achieving the perfection in every project.

Customization of services – You just need to tell us your preferences and business objectives, and we will customize the services to match your needs.

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With a strength of more than 900 trained & highly qualified employees spread across centers in India.

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