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The Outsourced Call Center That “Speaks Your Brand”

Since its inception, Mayur Call Center has served multiple industries through its call center solutions in Delhi-NCR region. It has covered industries like healthcare, retailing, banking, insurance, travel & tourism, etc.

Healthcare & Insurance

Whether an individual needs to book an appointment with a doctor or want to connect to the medical practitioner on the phone, he or she expects a proficient individual on the other side of the phone. Our experts handle these calls in such a manner that getting treatment from a hospital or health center becomes a seamless process. We also provide telemarketing and verification services for insurance companies.

Travel and tourism

As a part of travel, tourism and hospitality call center services, we offer solutions for hotel bookings, ticketing, sales, pre-sales chat programs, travel agency reservations, loyalty management program, etc. A multi-channel approach is needed in this industry to make sure that the customers stay connected to your agency or hospitality services.


A lot of retailers contact us for telemarketing services. We help the suppliers of fashion apparels and household products in reaching their end customers.

If we specifically talk about online retail, one can’t imagine it without a well-established customer support process. Our customer support agents ensure that associating with the brand is always a delightful experience for the end customers.

Banking and finance

Scalability and data security are some major features of call center solutions that make us preferred choice for banking and finance sector. We provide solutions like collections, answering service, insurance claims support, payment and billing support and complaint management.


The automotive sector is a vast industry that needs call center services for multiple departments and processes. We offer solutions like maintenance and repair reminders, roadside assistance programs, car rental reservations, cross-selling and up-selling, order processing, order management and customer support.

Apart from call center solutions, we also provide IVR development services for each of these sectors. To discuss your call center requirements, give us a call on: +91-9990863737

With a strength of more than 900 trained & highly qualified employees spread across centers in India.

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