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7 Tips to Improve Your Outbound Calling Strategy

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7 Tips to Improve Your Outbound Calling Strategy

Are you looking out for ways to improve your Outbound Calling strategies? Here are a few tips to do so…

The steps are quite simple to apply, but difficult only because business miss to apply the same.

7 Tips to improve your Outbound Calling Strategy

1.  Research Well: It is suggested to be relevant and to do your homework well. It is always good to research your prospective clients before placing the call. Maybe a few visits to their LinkedIn profiles or the websites would do the trick here. Doing so you can tailor your pitch, which surely leaves an impact on them regarding the value of the business.

2.  Process-Based Dialling: Calling in any outbound call center should be based on a process, it can be automated too, but make sure to make every call count. DO not pressurize your customer to make a decision on the first call itself. Listen well, and offer them accordingly. If you have researched well on your prospects, building a process around it would not be a task. Even if they are not interested, ask if there are any other people in their vicinity who would be interested in the same.

3.  Engage During the Call: Engaging during the sales call is important for lead generation. On placing an outbound call, you need to grab the attention of the client. The start of the call is very crucial, address them by name and make them feel valued. Be mindful of their time and do not make a mistake of promising something that you can’t fulfill later. Do not make it sound all about yourself; this may lose your potential client at the initiation stage only. Once they sound interesting, make a follow-up call later to check on the status.

4.  Flexible: Be flexible with how your prospects want to do business. Make amendments according to the situations and pull back in time if it feels likes not a right customer. It’s not a rule to follow a certain rule with all your clients. We can’t deny the fact that it works for people under training, but being flexible according to the requirement is what experience calls for. The decision should be based on your customer, as in when, where and what should be stated. Right things done at right time can get your business surely.

5.  Persistence: Always follow-up, create a feedback loop for your clients. People may not show interest on the first go, but this can still be a chance. Be mindful of the follow-up call, make sure it is as per the clients’ request, you do not want to annoy your prospects at any cost. If they have asked you to email, do that rather than calling. By a persistent approach towards your customers, you are building a bridge towards a longer relationship, by providing them only the required information.

6.  Incentives and training: A great and well-trained team is a reason behind the success of an outbound calling strategy. Be mindful while hiring the team, but it is equally important to motivate and encourage them with incentives and their skills should be refined using regular training. This will surely impact the short-term and long-term excellence of the team. It is important to keep the team spirit high, a promise of reward works better than threats anyway.

7.  Rejection handling: This is a necessity particularly in outbound calling. As the chances to take the prospects is too low. In such case handling the rejection with grace is an art. Hearing a no at the start level can sound dishearten, but this also has some learning to take from it. This gives you more focus, clarify and apply the same for other clients. You should leave a good impression on your perspective, even if the product or services you are offering does not suit them, or it is a wrong timing. This may not work for you in short-term but surely has long-term benefits.

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