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The Outsourced Call Center That “Speaks Your Brand”

Established in 2012 by 20 experts, with a vision to grow and excel, we are running well-established BPO in Noida & Gurgaon, having sufficient technical & physical infrastructure with 500+ seated capacity and skilled team who can support the call center/back office, digital marketing solutions and Telemarketing leads generation services for your esteemed organization.

We strive to develop tailored solutions by seamlessly integrating your brand with our technology. With our proven methodology, we deliver reliable and robust solutions in-house. We boast of a team of highly skilled professional who have cross- industry experience delivering front-line solutions.

About the facilities which we are providing to our agents

  1. We provide the CAB facility to our employees which usually help us to reduce the shrinkage and attrition in our organization.
  2. We are very strict about the security of our employees (specially for female agents). We have tied up with a renowned security agency wherein female guards are also available to ensure maximum safety of female employees.
  3. For the data security and safety, firstly we put our close eyes to maintain the floor decorum, we have biometric entry system for our operational floor to prevent unauthorized access into the floor. Moreover, we don’t allow any storage devices/ Mobile Phones/ Pen Drives/ Pen/ Papers, etc. onto the operational floor to maintain the integrity of Client’s data.

Additionally, we follow few guidelines to maintain physical security:

  • Full proof documentation is done for each employee so that Mayur Technosoft could track if any of the employees had any criminal record or an issue with his credit in the past.
  • Mayur performs a background check of all the new employees by taking the pain to call their previous employers and verifying their previous employment record.
  • In order to protect the confidentiality of business information and other trade secrets, each employee needs to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of employment.
  • In order to prevent any unauthorized visitors in the office premises, each employee is allowed access through the biometric attendance system.
  • In order to safeguard the security of the employees as well as of the Mayur’s facilities, to avoid any possible disturbances and distractions, manned security, as well as electronic surveillance through CCTV cameras, is provided round the clock.

You can send us your requirements to get cost estimate and details of our services. Send us an email at:  info@mayurcallcenter.in

With a strength of more than 900 trained & highly qualified employees spread across centers in India.

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