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Call Center in Gurgaon

The Outsourced Call Center That “Speaks Your Brand”

Call Center in Gurgaon

Mayur Call center is one of the leading business process company (BPO). We offer both inbound and outbound call center services for various industries. Our client list includes many big names under different verticals.

call center in gurgaon


Our call center in Gurgaon has a state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our facility situated in the outskirts of Delhi in the NCR region operates a huge number of workstations. With the number of employees, we are well-equipped to manage any project. The size of the project does not hamper the quality of our services.

There is a huge range of services we offer from our Gurgaon facility. To name a few here is a list of inbound and outbound call center services:

Inbound call center solutions

  • Customer Support
  • Help Desk Outsourcing
  • Inquiry Handling
  • Phone Answering
  • Product Information Request

Outbound call center solutions

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Information Verification
  • Soft Lead Generation
  • Customer Survey
  • Third Party Verification Services
  • Debt Collection

You can avail all or choose specific call center solutions based on your business requirements. Our call center services in Gurgaon are well known for its quality, timely deliveries and competitive rates. Check out the above services and our professional team will help you choose wisely on the kind of services with the best possible cost. Also with the time duration and the end results of the same.

Based on these entire factors, make the right choice for your business. We understand that each and every products or service are different. Hence it would not be wrong to say that the services should revolve around the business goals. Most noteworthy, the geographical location of the services provider also makes a lot of difference when outsourcing services. Find out if Gurgaon location suits your business demands. In case it does then contact our call centre outsourcing services in Gurgaon for the same.

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With a strength of more than 900 trained & highly qualified employees spread across centers in India.

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