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Advantages of Outsourcing Call Center Services to India

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Advantages of Outsourcing Call Center Services to India

Having a Call Center Services in India has become a practice for a lot of international organizations. Here is why…

India as a country has been meeting expectations well with the growing global need for Call Center Services. It is able to provide low-cost solutions and is operating consumer-based.

Many worldwide companies are additionally establishing up their call centers in India. As it provides them various reasons to trust for the job:

Advantages of Outsourcing Call Center Services to India


Top Staff and Outsourcing Destinations

India has world’s top staff and Outsourcing destinations. Many cities in India top the list of Call Center Outsourcing destinations as per reports. All these major cities are well equipped with good infrastructure and staff to offer quality services. This accounts for well-known companies to outsource their call center operations to India.

Along with this India has to offer a highly educated workforce. The Indian universities churn out a huge workforce every year. These people are well versed with foreign languages and technical competencies. The presence of such a large and qualified workforce attracts businesses to outsource their operations here in India.

The labour cost is considerably low with respect to the qualified and skilled professionals. And this will surely be going to increase in coming years.

Call Center Training

Training is an integral part of the setup and this surely requires preliminary investments. Coaching and setting up the workforce may come across a hurdle but not a disagreement by International companies.

There is a lot to offer apart from the employee strength. Various In-bound and out-bound call center services such as customer support, help desk outsourcing, inquiry handling, phone answering, customer survey, debt collection, information verification etc.

They can also offer a lot of Web-enabled solutions, for example, order taking, billing queries, email support, chat support, market research, product promotion etc.

Back Office Support services, like data entry, catalogue processing, image processing, data conversion, product entry are also available.

All such Call Center Services are a reason for India to be an outsourcing destination of choice.

Indian Time Zone Advantages

In case your business needs 24/7 support, outsourcing sounds like a good idea. Indian Time zone has only 12 hours difference between many European and North American business. This makes India a good choice for outsourcing the call center services to India. By doing so the business saves the cost and also can provide services to your customers across the globe.

The country is in the midst of ‘Digital India’ revolution

India being a developing nation is open to all sorts of revolutions. The country is in the midst of a digital wave and all the government policies ensure the growth here. The ‘Digital India’ initiative is a step towards the same. The plan is to connect the entire country with the rest of the world.

This will provide Call Center Services at much lower rates. Hence, outsourcing the business to India shows up on the cards as a profit to the companies.

Low Operating Cost

Setting up a call center in-house requires a lot of investment, in terms of infrastructure, staff, equipment etc. Outsourcing the same to various vendors cut down the cost to almost half. Most noteworthy this amount can be spread over to vendors for the work to be done.

Hence one of the reasons for the most international business to open up their call center in India is due to cost-effective services with good quality. Also, the manpower works on a relatively lower cost as in overseas. Hence, by providing good Call Center Services under budget India becomes an apt choice for businesses abroad.

It is can be seen that the call centers in India have great infrastructure, equipment, individuals, assets, and expertise all used to give customized offshoring solutions.

These reasons are surely enough to lead many international organizations to outsource their call centers in India as they can benefit of good services at cost-effective prices.

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